Case Studies


Jennifer Henry – Telesales Adviser Full Time

I have been working at Voca for a couple of years and have really enjoyed my time here. Prior to working at Voca, I worked as a nursery nurse for 3 – 4 years and had done a small amount of call centre work. Even though I didn’t have much call centre experience, I have consistently been a top performer.

One of the great things about Voca is the bonus structure. I never thought in a million years that I could earn the amount that I do – particularly in comparison to my salary as a nursery nurse – it has made a huge difference! I am now able to have my own house and I enjoy spending my bonus on decorating it as I can treat myself all the time!

My favourite thing about Voca is the way it is managed. Everyone is very approachable and friendly and it has a great atmosphere. Voca is certainly not your average call centre!

The role of Telesales Adviser is the sort of role that would suit people from all walks of life! When I joined Voca, I didn’t plan to be there for long as I was taking time out to think about what I wanted to do next with my career, however, two years later I am still here and feel that this is the perfect job for me!


James Galloway – Team Manager

I started working at Voca as a Telesales Adviser three years ago. It was a great role to be in and I was hitting my target every week and making excellent bonus. As my life developed, I needed to change my shifts due to my kids. Voca were very flexible and were happy to accommodate this. As my time at Voca continued, I began to look for development opportunities as I wanted to become a Team Manager.

The support was great. I gained a position as a Team Manager three months ago and I have to say I absolutely love it. The best part of my job is having a team member who is nervous about the role and being able to coach and support them and see them excel as a Telesales Adviser. The atmosphere is fantastic here and, if people are looking for a career, Voca is a great place to work as there are some fantastic opportunities. Voca is very different to other call centres and is a fun and friendly environment – I just love this place!


Mark Thompson – Part Time Student, Part Time Telesales Adviser

Voca is a great employer- I have been here for the last fifteen months and have been working part time whilst studying Business Management. Voca has been very flexible with my working hours and has worked around my college timetable. I have had an excellent work-life balance despite having a job and college course and my performance has not been affected by being part time. In fact, with the bonus scheme, I have been earning the equivalent of a full time wage!

I would strongly recommend Voca to other students who are looking for part time work as the company offers flexibility and also brilliant money making opportunities.


Nicola Reid – Part Time Telesales Adviser, Part Time Mum of Two

Before I joined Voca I had been a full time mum for 7 years! My original career had been teaching children with special needs and from that I stumbled into a sales role. I then took a career break to raise my two boys and once they were older, I looked to relaunch my career in the call centre industry.

Voca has been a fantastic place to work from the point of view that it allows me flexibility to have a great family life and a career. The bonus potential allows me to earn the equivalent of a full time salary on twenty hours a week and I get to see my boys grow up!

I am really enjoying working at Voca as it is a very friendly and fun place to work. It offers flexible shift patterns and excellent money making potential which is perfect for working mums!


Stuart Bennet

My career before working at Voca was very different to call centre work. I was an engineer! For part of my role, I was working in an office on my own with very limited interaction with others so it was a complete change to be on the phone talking to customers! I have loved this change as I am a very sociable person and enjoy the challenge of a sales environment. I have been offered lots of opportunities at Voca to work on different projects and I have really enjoyed the variety.

The working environment is wonderful, the company offers flexibility, a fun and sociable atmosphere and opportunities to all staff allowing them to shine. The support for the agents is great as well as there is a lot of training and coaching available.

I would recommend working at Voca to anyone who is looking for a challenge – Voca is entirely different to your stereotypical call centre. How many places have you worked in where you can’t wait to go into work in the morning and really enjoy what you are doing?!